How do I assign learner achievement credits?

Learner Achievement Units(LEUs or CEUs) are a great way to assign credit hours to tutorials.

The learner achievement tracking feature is designed to track how many hours a learner accumulates watching tutorials on Niche Academy. Click on settings-->general-->advanced to set up learner achievement tracking

Next, set up the singular and plural acronyms you would like to use. Note the acronym chosen is what will appear on learner certificates and reporting. 

Once your acronyms have been set up, navigate to a tutorial, click into tutorial settings, and select "CEU" (Note: the term will vary depending on your chosen acronym). Once selected you will be asked to enter the amount of CEUs you would like to assign to the tutorial and click save



Once your learner achievement tracking feature has been added to a tutorial/s, a new column appears in your learner and tutorial report sections. 

As learners take tutorials the number of CEUs will start to accumulate for them. 


For additional questions on how this feature works contact