How do I create a knowledge check?

The Knowledge Check element is a formative assessment tool that can provide feedback.

To begin, click Add new in the list and select Sequence.


Then click Add Element and select Knowledge Check.


Click Add question and select Multiple choice, Select all that apply, or Fill in the blank.


Enter the question in the question box and enter the answers in the fields below. For the multiple choice and select all that apply question formats, click the radio or check boxes next to the correct answers. To remove a question, click the Trashcan icon in the bottom right of the question.

Tutorial_Sequence_08If you want to provide feedback, click Feedback for an answer option,...

And enter feedback for the learner in the rich text field. When you’re done, click Save.

If you want to provide feedback immediately after each question is answered, create a new knowledge check for each question. If you want to provide feedback after all questions are answered, continue to add questions within the same Knowledge Check.

If you would like to use a knowledge check as a pre-test—allowing learners to skip learning content if they can correctly answer the questions, demonstrating they know the content—click the three-dot icon and click the Skip to next knowledge check... checkbox. If there isn’t another knowledge check in the sequence, the learner will skip to the end instead.