How do I create a pathway?

A pathway is a series of tutorials grouped together for an extended learning experience.

To start, click +Add New and select Create a Pathway.

2020_10_Categories_03Double-click Untitled Pathway or click the Settings icon to change the name of the pathway.

2020_10_Pathways_01Next, click Add Element and select Rich Text or Tutorials.

2020_10_Pathways_02The Rich Text element works just like the one found in a lesson or sequence. You can add and format text, and embed images, videos, and files.

2020_10_Pathways_03When adding tutorials, click Add Tutorials.

2020_10_Pathways_04In the pop up that appears, search for and select tutorials you want to include. Click the X  when you're done.

2020_10_Pathways_05To change the order of tutorials within a tutorial section, click and drag the four-arrow icon for a tutorial.

2020_10_Pathways_06When you're done adding text and tutorials, click the Publish button.

2020_10_Pathways_03The pathway will now be found on the academy homepage.