Marketplace Add vs Clone: What's the difference?

Do you want to add a tutorial or do you want to clone it? We'll explain the main difference and reasons you might want to clone your tutorial.

While browsing the marketplace, you will see tutorials with “Add” and others with “Clone” as a way of including the tutorial in your academy. What’s the difference? You can only “add” a tutorial once, and you can “clone” a tutorial multiple times.


The majority of tutorials shared in the marketplace address one or more topics that apply to all learners, which means you only need one version of the shared tutorial in your academy.


So, why would you need multiple clones? Cloned tutorials have the added flexibility of a banked set of lessons that apply to one context, but might not in another context.


For example, you might subscribe to a subset of products that a business offers and only need the lessons that apply to your organization. Rather than including all of the lessons upfront and hiding the unnecessary lessons, you can add the banked lessons you need, better personalizing the list of lessons in the tutorial.


You could also go so far as to have a clone for each lesson. 


In short, “add” tutorials for everyone and “clone” tutorials to fit a specific learning context.