Product Release 10/01

Releases for the month of October


  • Updated our Text Editor (Frolla) to the latest version, which is Frolla 4.0. 
  • Small update when resetting password: When resetting a password, the link that appears after successfully resetting the password, the link appears in black text and no underline. Might cause confusion. 
  • Side button widgets UI updates: Update to side button to allow different arrows to address orientation issues. Text changed from bottom to top with now appear top to bottom. 
  • Update to SIP2: We now support TLS encryption connections. This is a requirement that certain ILS’ might have. Bibliononix Apollo is an example. 
  • Updated Email Invite: The invitation email and assignment email are now combined if a learner is assigned to training within 5 minutes of being invited to the academy. 

Bug Fixes

  • Pasting issue with Image Caption: When trying to paste text to the caption of the image, the Frolla editor menu disappears. The issue has been resolved. 
  • Sequence Fill in the blank knowledge check issue: As a learner tries to type in a response, the browser would stop and have a loading icon appear. The issue has been resolved.
  • Publish Button on tutorial does not stay at the bottom of the screen: When working on a larger screen, the publish button will not pull to the bottom but will float towards the center. The issue has been resolved. 
  • Course loading issue on lesson navigation with video: Strange issue affecting a small number of customers. When switching from one lesson to another, the browser will appear to be loading. The issue has been resolved. 
  • System crash on Master Academy: Affecting solely Niche Academy Library Master Academy. Due to a large dataset, reports, and usage stats caused a 500 error message. The issue has been resolved.
  • Refresh and saving issue with CEU's: When trying to save and update CEU’s there was a delay with updating the view on the academy homepage. Also when removing CEU’s they would not appear as removed. The issue has been resolved. 
  • Can not view team members besides the supervisor/self: Issue affecting a handful of supervisors. When attempting to view the learner report as an assigned supervisor of a team, the report only showed details of the supervisor themselves. The issue has been resolved. 
  • Academy is "Stuck" after trying to add an image to the tutorial: When adding an image with ReactJS elements caused the browser to freeze. 
  • The pathway that requires enrollment pushes the learner to my niche screen rather than staying in the lesson: When linking directly to a pathway that requires enrollment, the learner would sign in, then be pushed to the “My Niche” menu, rather than the pathway. The issue has been resolved. 
  • In the Safari browser, the academy name is being cut off on some academies, but not all: When opening up Niche Academy in the Safari browser, the academy name is not appearing at all rather than showing text and ellipsis. The issue has been resolved. 
  • Camera Icon not working on side button widget: On certain websites that are using font awesome 6.0, our camera icon was not appearing correctly. The issue has been resolved. 
  • Submit scrolls out of sight in an activity: When inside an activity that is longer than the height of the screen, the submit button will become hidden. The issue has been resolved. 
  • Found the issue with the widgets that if an image has a pathway added it will give an error of not found: Small issue with widgets and pathway if there is an image in the text editor of the pathway, an error message appears when trying to open from the pathway. The issue has been resolved. 
  • A learner does not appear in the team in learner report:  Learners that have not started training assigned, or have zero tutorials assigned, to not appear in the team after the filter is enabled. The issue has been resolved.