Product Release 11/15

Product releases for the month of November

New Features

  • Quiz options now appear on shared tutorials. This will allow admins to create rules such as “Allow retake if a score is less than, Must Score higher than, randomize question and answers” (5)


  • Accesbility update: per feedback from a customer we have updated accessibility features for those using screenreaders and keyboard only. (detailed) (5)

Bug Fixes

  • When inside an academy with a large number of tutorials, that is set to display category, the home screen will jump back to the middle when you try to scroll towards the bottom. The issue has been resolved. (5)
  • When responding to a knowledge check, users are unable to submit answers selected, not allowing the user to continue with the tutorial. The issue has been resolved. (3)
  • When working on a sequence, and you open the video at full screen, the text is erased from the quick response. The issue has been resolved. (8)
  • When opening a pathway incognito or as a brand new user, the “create account” link text is not clickable. This means learners are not able to create an account. The issue has been resolved. (3)
  • The activity pending flag (little orange icon) does not appear in the learner report until viewing the detailed learner report of an individual user. This issue has now been resolved to show the pending activity flag next to the name. (5)
  • The name of the tutorial/academy was right next to the arrow icon when opening a tutorial or report. Padding is missing.  The issue has been resolved. (2)
  • Submit button on activity and quizzes appears to cut off in mobile view. The issue has been resolved. (5)