Product Release 12/01

Product updates and bug fixes for the month of December


  • When you are in a category and create a new tutorial, the newly created tutorial will automatically be added to the category you are in. (3)

Bug Fixes

  • In a pathway with a large number of elements (text and tutorials) will appear with two scrollbars on the right side. This issue has been fixed. (3)
  • Random Learners were appearing in teams and in the learner report. This was an issue related to our new logic with shared tutorials. This issue has now been fixed. (3)
  • Issue when using a sequence with a certain size of screen - causes the scrolling to not work for a bit. This issue has been fixed. 
  • Submitting responses in a sequence were having issues when it came to copied text and blank answers with spaces added. This issue has been fixed. (5)
  • Category appearing twice on the academy homepage. This issue has been fixed. (3)
  • Intro appears to be selected in edit view even though user has moved to a new lesson/quiz/sequence. This issue has been fixed. (3)
  • Learners that have been invited to private hidden tutorials are not seeing in the homepage. This issue has been fixed. (3)