Product Update (09/08/2021)

We are excited to introduce some new functionality with our learner report that will let admins filter and search based on a couple of options.

New Features
Learner Report Update - New view for the learner report that allows for filtering and better search.

Showing Learner Last Login - Admins in the learner report will now see the last date of login of a learner. 



LTI view for blackboard - Two-part update allows for admins to select tutorials to link properly to blackboard.


SIP2 updated - There is now an error handling message that will advise when the connection credentials are not properly set up.
There is a new field that will allow for Institution ID/ Location Code to be entered as certain ILS require that option to connect correctly.  


Carousel Widget Update - Once a tutorial is deleted from the academy, it will no longer appear in the carousel widget.

Bug Fixes


Unable to copy Tutorials - Issue affecting a handful of customers that did not allow for tutorials to be copied. The issue has been resolved.


Quiz reset by learner progress issue - When the quiz is set as allow retake and reset it, the progress of the previous attempt is not reset. The issue has been resolved


Lesson not being marked off as completed - Customers were reporting tutorial lessons not being marked as completed as tutorial progressed automatically. The issue has been resolved. 


Canvas LMS error message - When logged in as admin to canvas and you switch to student view, an error message was appearing in the LTI view. The issue has been resolved. 


Sequence not being viewed as intro - When you are in a paid tutorial and make a sequence into the intro, the sequence was not functioning as an intro, not allowing the learner to see the preview but asking for payment instead. The issue has been resolved.


Sequence Issues - Attempt a sequence change knowledge check question and switch in between learner and edit view question updated state is changed from attempted state in edit view. The issue has been resolved. 


Embedded e-learning not marked as completed - Embedded e-learning is not automatically being shown as completed, which then does not allow learners to progress in the training. The issue has been resolved.

Adding custom text to EBSCO tutorial - When you attempt to add custom text to the Ebsco database tutorial, an error message appeared and did not save the custom text added to the tutorial. The issue has been resolved.

Issue with auto-advance for a learner - Learners were seeing a loading screen in Niche Academy not allowing the learner to automatically continue with the tutorial. The issue has been resolved.