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Release (07/30)

We did some minor updates to our platform. Here is our latest!

  • Unable to deselect "Show Playbar" on tutorial settings
    • When tutorial is set up to have require video completion, the playbar does not allow to be unclicked, this has been fixed.
  • See list of topics when adding a topic without first entering any letters
    • When you go to add a topic in a tutorial after sharing it, the list of potential topics to appear before they even start typing.
  • Widget (Carousel)Preview is not working
    • Widget preview is not appearing after you add tutorials
  • Website CSS is affecting widget
    • Did some styling updates to change the name of ID’s so website CSS does not affect styling of our widgets
  • Notify flag should be false for all supervisors and instructors added to academies from now onwards
    • Supervisors will need to be selected to receive notifications, rather than automatically adding them
  • Fix discussion issues
    • Issues with banning learners and setting requirements to submit comments.
  • Accessibility updates from OCR
    • Accessibility for e-readers and other assistance devices
  • Tutorials are not appearing on academy homepage
    • Loading issue with academy homepage that affected a small number of academies.
  • Certifcate showing average quiz score when it is disabled
    • Issue with certificates still showing the average quiz score even though it has been disabled
  • Cannot submit knowledge check when there is a video
    • Bug in sequence did not allow to submit knowledge check if it only had a video element