What are Niche Academy's Information Security and Privacy Policies?

Niche Academy takes a comprehensive view of security, and we have controls in place to assure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our data. Because we host our solution on Amazon Web Services, we have the advantage of their world-class controls for data center physical security, redundancy, encryption, and more.


You can find a copy of our information security policy here:


You can find a copy of our Privacy Policy here:



In the event of a security breach, it is the policy of Niche Academy to notify all affected and potentially affected customers within 24 hours of becoming aware of the incident. An exception to this policy is allowed if law enforcement determines that disclosing the breach would impede an investigation. In the event of an outage, Niche Academy will notify customers within one hour of first becoming aware of the incident.

Third-party investigators will be engaged in the event that a security breach goes beyond the ability of Niche Academy staff to handle on their own or if Niche Academy management determines that third-party involvement would be important to restoring the confidence of customers.