What are the four levels of access in Niche Academy?

What is each role in Niche Academy and what can they do?

Depending on the size of your organization, maintaining an academy might be more than a one-person job. To add more administrative support, click the Settings cog icon and then click Admins. Click Invite Admins at the top of the page to add more administrative support.

 Niche Academy has three roles. They are as follows

  • Supervisor
  • Instructor
  • Academy admin
  • System Admin

Supervisors: Have access to invite and assign learners to train within the academy. They will be able to review the progress of learners through the learner report and tutorial report. 

Instructor: Same as privileges as a supervisor. In addition, instructors have the privilege to add new tutorials to the academy, either from the marketplace or by creating new tutorials. They can organize the academy tutorials in the way that they see fit. They will also have access to categories.   

Academy admin: Same privileges as an instructor. In addition, they will have access to widgets, manage teams, re-usable content, the access request page, and the general settings of Niche Academy. This is the second highest level of admin privileges, and we advise to caution when inviting new academy admins. 

System admin: Same privileges as Academy admin. In addition, they will have access to all child academies and reports under their organization. System admins can create additional academies if necessary and are the only role with permission to invite other system admins to their organization.


If you wish for your supervisor or instructor to have access to additional features within Niche Academy, you are able to grant privileges via attributes.

To do this click into settings-->admin next to each role there will be a settings cog. Here you have three attributes that grant access to additional features within the product. They are as follows:

Can invite supervisors: This will grant a user access to the admin's page in the settings of the academy and invite new supervisors.

Has Widget access: This will grant access to the widget section of Niche Academy. This is perfect for a webmaster or IT person you do not want access to other settings that academy admins have access to.

Can respond to user tickets: When non-admin click on the help icon, users will send a help ticket directly to the assigned individual.


If you have any additional questions about the different roles in Niche Academy contact support@nicheacademy.com. We are here to help!