What are the three levels of access in Niche Academy?

What is each role in Niche Academy and what can they do?

  1. System Admin has the highest level of access to Niche Academy. System admins can create additional academies, and add additional system admins to their organizations. System admins will typically oversee all academies, but will not be the primary staff member working in the academy.
  2. Academy Admins is the second highest role in Niche Academy. Academy admins are invited by system admins to academies and will have full access to their academies. Academy admins will be working in Niche Academy frequently. Academy Admins cannot invite system admins or create additional academies. 
  3. Instructors are able to create content, browse the marketplace, and view reports under the settings gear. This is a great role for anyone who will be creating content on the platform.
  4. Supervisors have the least amount of access to Niche Academy. A supervisor by default will only have access to reports under the settings gear. Academy admins and instructors can also give supervisors access to widgets, and invite additional supervisors. This is a great role for a manager or team leader who will be pulling reports and assigning training. This would also be great for an IT/webmaster who will be assisting with adding widgets. 
    You can also assign a supervisor to a team, and this will limit which learners will appear in the learner report for them. You can learn more about our team feature here: https://support.nicheacademy.com/knowledge/how-do-i-create-a-team